The Best Booty of PAX East 2014


In my effort to get to the bottom of all good convention coverage, below you can find the best booty shots I took at the recent PAX East 2014, held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. After the jump, enjoy the gallery!

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Review: Rhode Island Comic Con 2013


(This was originally published at Nerd Caliber on Nov. 5, 2013)

Like any two-year old, Rhode Island Comic Con is experiencing growing pains. But this past weekend it proved itself to be a beautiful baby comic convention, with a broad appeal to attendees outside the comic book world.

Mind you, the con took place despite the best attempts by fate to disrupt it. On Friday, the day most of the West Coast celebrities were supposed to fly in to T.F. Green Airport just south of Providence, a gunman opened fire on Transportation Security agents and a crowd in Los Angeles International Airport, and the airport was shut down for most of the rest of the day.

Amazingly enough, only a few celebrities cancelled outright, mostly due to the valiant efforts of the RICC staff, according to Steven Perry of Altered Reality Entertainment and the organizer of RICC.

“We unfortunately lost Nichelle Nichols, David Anders, Raphael Sbarge and Jett Lucas from the show due to the LAX shooting,” Perry said in an interview via email. “But we would have lost almost all of them if it wasn’t for our staff, travel booker and my diligent work at hectically rebooking all the cancelled flights and rerouting over 50+ guests and making sure that they all still arrived at the show for the fans.”

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Cosplay, Creepers and Honesty

I read an excellent post today about proper behavior at a con toward cosplayers by Molly McIsaac on the website It was posted to Facebook by the amazing cosplayer BelleChere, and generated a pile of commentary there. It also got me thinking, and I felt I had to write this post that calls into question some of the assumptions that are contained within such posts.

Well, hello there Mr. Creeper!

But first, let me be clear. I abhor rude behavior of any kind, and rude behavior toward female cosplayers even more so. I agree with the basic conclusions of McIsaac’s blog that cosplayers need to be treated like people, and that one should be polite at all times (when doing anything at a con, in fact, not just in how one treats a female cosplayer). And anyone that has encountered me at a con knows I not only aim to be polite to a fault, but also have threatened or snapped at rude bystanders who have made inappropriate comments toward female cosplayers.

As you might imagine from that caveat, I am going to make some unpopular statements. I welcome differing opinions, rational arguments about where I am wrong, and spirited debate. But this post is no more an excuse for someone who disagrees with me to be rude than a skimpy costume on a female cosplayer gives anyone a similar allowance to be rude. So after the break, read on about how some female cosplayers are not being honest with themselves or others.

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Disney is not the Evil Empire in Star Wars Deal

Moar Slave Leias, please!

When the news broke that Disney was going to buy Lucasfilms for $4 billion, the majority of the reactions among my Facebook and Twitter friends was roundly negative. Apparently Disney is hated among the nerderati, something which I think can be laid at the feet of a lack of understanding about how corporate Disney works.

That lack of understanding is, well, understandable, when you look at Disney’s track record in the past decade as a movie studio itself. Sure, it has had decent movies like “Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe,” “Invincible” and “Tangled,” but it has also made “Underdog” and “John Carter.” But those are movies made by Disney, as a movie studio. Corporate Disney owns, and has owned, many other movie-making studios. And its track record there is outstanding. So, after the break, check out my argument as to why this is a huge win for Star Wars fans.

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Fantastic Friday — 10-05-2012

It’s the end of the week, and that means Fantastic Friday! “WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!”

Simon, star version, with the drill that pierced the heavens. Photo by blue_panther9_9 on Flickr.

After the break, check out some more outstanding cosplays.

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Thematic Thursday — 10-04-2012

Since we are now in the month that includes Halloween, today’s Thematic Thursday will focus on witches. Even if they do look like a crossplay Edward Scissorhands in white undies.

Left 4 Dead witch is scary and sexy. And scary. My photo from PAX East 2010.


After the page break, check out more spooky witch cosplay.

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Wacky Wednesday — 10-03-2012

Today’s Daily Delivery is the finally “h”-free Wacky Wednesday! Don’t worry, they won’t all be flashing Flashes.

Aaron as a flasher Flash. My pic from Arisia 2012.


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Temptress Tuesday — 10-02-2012

It’s Temptress Tuesday time again, with a smattering of beautiful cosplay gals for you enjoyment. In addition to some random shots from around the globe, I am using a few of my earliest cosplay pics from Boston-area conventions, like this one:

Misty caught at least two of them.


Click on the break link to see the rest of today’s assortment of cosplay comelies.

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Man Monday — 10-01-2012

Today’s Daily Delivery is the testosterone-laden Man Monday! In fact, Wil Wheaton’s presence makes it THE Man Monday!

Curse you Wil Wheaton!


After the jump, enjoy the manliest post of the week.

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Fantastic Friday — 09-28-2012

Today’s Daily Delivery drops a fine dose of Fantastic Friday.  And to break things up a bit, here is a fantastic Samurai garb from King Richard’s Faire in Carver, Mass.

He assembled this all himself, hand lacing it.


Beyond the break, find some of the most amazing cosplays I have found recently.

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